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Originally Posted by squiretoad View Post
You mean it wasn't? The yellow stripes coming from the South Vietnamese flag, I mean?

I still have my old beret and 5th Flash, kept it unchanged when I returned to the 6th Group in '70, started wearing it again when the 5th's colors came home (71? 72?), kept wearing it during 4 years of Army ROTC at UMASS (deal made by SF soldiers with TRADOC was that we'd keep boots and beret, unit decorations, etc. if we went to ROTC; had to wear the TRADOC shoulder patch though). Made for a strange uniform, but hey, whatever works :-)

I still have that beret right over there in a dresser drawer, plan to be buried in it.
Were were you an ROTC Instructor? I had 2 SF NCO's "raise me right" while a cadet.

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