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As far as backup goes other than what has been stated by other members. Redundancy is a good way to go but layered technology is something I highly recommend and strictly enforce among my personal business Matters and Clients.
All backup data is stored via Solid State dives, and Commercially produced Blu-ray Disks. Vs - HDDs and Dual layer commercially purchached (store bought) DVD or Blu-ray.

Solid State is a much more stable platorm and has no mechanical parts to wear out or break down. Which is why alot of PC manufacturers are moving to them in builds exclusively. As wel as boasting tremendous data retrieval speeds over the platter based magnetic disk HDD's.

As far as disks go Store bought disks be it Blue-ray or DVD or CD, because they are burnable or RW/ have only a top layer of hard plastic for protection as well as you are "writing" essntially to a piece of tin foil that is essentially a sticker. This is done by the laser blacking out little lines in the "foil" so it creates bits of data for interpretation of the reader. However the bottom of the disk does not have the same hvy layer of plastic protection as the top of the disk does. So scratching of the disck and smudging is a problem, as well as becuase the "foil is not the same type or thickness used in Commercially produces disks it degrades over time in areas where you wrote creating a shelf life. Commercially produced disks have actual lines written into the metal to make the data permanent and readable with a thicker protective coating on the bottom and top.

Blu-ray disks on the other hand have an additional anti- scratch coating on the bottom that makes them extremely resistant to scratches and smudges and can hold a staggering amount of data. There are a number of secure data Co's out there that can run backup's for you to commerical disks.

Use technology to your advantage. You can still use HDD's and the others I've seen some still roll magnetic tape backups. becuase frankly it's hard to fuck those those up. But the volumes get huge unless you have a great team of people and space for that shit. Better to use solid state for that and stick them in a safe in the AC safety of your server room if you have one. If your just running from home. Plopping them in the gun safe where it's dry and semi-moisture controlled is fine. Or just get a moisture controlled safe that's shielded. from power discharge and slide the hdd's into those anti-static bags before depositing.

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