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Originally Posted by DirtyDog0311 View Post
Those slug-gos are freaking awesome and I've caught a bunch of big bass when I was growing up on them. Hula poppers and live bait (grasshoppers, crawfish) are great too.

When I was a kid I got suckered by the "banjo minnow" ads and picked up some. Didn't catch shit on those and was pissed. Maybe those damn bass got used to a live grasshopper kicking on the surface and were spoiled.

And don't even get me started on those fucking perch and crappie nibbling my bait off the bass-sized hook and leaving me with nothing. I eventually had to go and clean out the bigger perch by getting a tiny hook and catching a ton and throwing them up on the bank to die. Those bastards get seriously invasive.
I'm with you on everything you said DD. You just went old school there with the Hula-popper reference. I believe that old standby has been around as early as the 20's. I use it and a Jitterbug frequently when there's a lot of cover but less surface weeds.
Just retrieve slowly and then pause. Sometimes for 10-15 sec. Crazy to see a big bucketmouth do a barrel roll in the sky with this big bright lure in its mouth. Smalles can't resist either. Scene goes from serene to chaotic in a flash.
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