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There was a unit I was a part of, unlimited budget, no oversight for spending etc...
"You need to take this money ($500,000) in country"
Me: OK
I get there: "Let's sit and count this money so you can sign for it"
'THEM': "WE don't need to count it, and WE don't need to sign for it"
Tried for 3 days - each day 'THEY' refused until I said either count and sign or I'm taking it back with me. THEY relented.

Fast forward to end of mission and briefing the CG with our new J4 (O5):
'THEM': "OPFUND was distributed according to mission requirements and slide"
J4: "Where are your receipts? Where is the change?"
'THEM': Change? What change? There is NEVER any CHANGE! We spent it right down to the penny! And why are you asking for receipts? We said it was spent according to mission requirements?!?

CG looked at the J4, asked "who signed for the money?", J4 looked at me, I pulled out my hand receipt signing it over to the briefing party and handed it up the briefing table...CG looked up at the briefer and said "you have until COB tomorrow to gather your the penny...for a half million dollars. Questions? Didn't think so - briefing concluded"

Did not go well for 'THEM' lol
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