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Originally Posted by Fubar View Post
If you are referring to the ethnic population I think you are, that number has been 6 million since I was a little kid learning about it in the Sixties.

The only area of this that I feel I can speak to is German civilian casualties within Germany during WWII. If any area was underestimated I think this would have to be it, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there were a lot of refugee's who had moved from one city after it was bombed flat to another one only to die there, not necessarily being accounted for. Secondly, often there was no real opportunity, even among people who kept exacting records of the activities of Einsatzgruppe on the Eastern Front earlier in the war (that were later used to convict them) to do the same for their own during the last 6 months or so of the war, and little incentive to do so as they were busy telling people the war was not lost when everyone knew in their heart that it was.

Most of the cities in Germany LOOK like they predate the war when in fact they do not, buildings which look like they are a couple hundred years old in fact were rebuilt in that style, if not near exact replica's. There was nothing in Hamburg taller than a foot or two off the ground, and many other cities much the same. Dresden is the best known example of deliberately creating a fire storm in a major city but it's far from the only one. My in-laws are both still alive, lived through WWII as children, admittedly not that old then but man, I can promise you it's the one thing they never forgot, or really forgave the Allies for.

In addition, German civilian casualties did not end when the war did. Post-rape murder of German females was more common than is talked about now, admittedly the Soviets were by far the major offenders here (the War Memorial just outside the former East Berlin is often referred to as "The Tomb of the Unknown Rapist") but I have easily read hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand books on this time period over my lifetime and it has been stated over and over that no one investigated dead Germans being found (or not) here and there much in the the first year or two after V-E Day. Life was cheap, and stayed that way for a while.
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