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Well so sorry to call someone Sir. When I should not have. I was rasied to call everyone older than myself Sir. I am sorry I cant look at you and tell if i should do so or not. And in a military manner. I am not in the Military yet so with respect to everyone that is. I call everyone in uniform Sir. Or Mama.

Back to the google thing. Sorry I dont use the search thing like everyone on here. If I got a question and think someone or someone's can help me with it I ask. I am not some guy that cant stand to ask quetions if he does not know the answer. That is why I asked.

This is a forum for people to talk on and tak about things? Corect? I was only asking becuse many of the people on here work in the same kind of feilds as the F.F.L. or at lest that is what I have been told by former military personal. So being that this site caters to military personal I figured I might get an answer or at least be pointed in the area I need to go.

To the personal that have helped with what I asked. Thank you. to everyone eles.. Whatever!