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You are going to be in some serious pain and the narcos are fine short term. What got my attention from your post is the hydro for long term pain relief. From my experience, I would only do the short term, then transition to a non-narco pain med or even some OTC stuff. Naproxen is a miracle drug IMO. The combination if a non-narco and Naproxen is a good possibility to keep you out of trouble. There are some good long term options out there like the Neurocet/Neurofen combo. If you have good self control you can also now get Oxycontin with Naloxone. This has shown to be effective for keeping the abuse down, but only if you do not have the urge to crush it up and snort it you would be fine.

I had rotator cuff surgery a few years ago and I got through it with only a 2 weeks supply of hydro, then went to Celebrex. Came off everything in a few months with no problems.

Good luck!
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