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It sounds like you are off to a really good start. Actually, I would say you're 2-3 weeks (minimum) ahead of where most people would be at the 5 week mark (most RC/labral repairs I see don't even start PT until the 5-6 week mark). 2 bits of advice - One: you're doing great, so don't fuck it up; ie, don't think you're doing so well that you decide this weekend would be a great time to go pull-start the lawn mower, carry groceries, throw ball, hit the dojo etc. That's at least 2-3 more months down the line, typically more like 5-6. Two - it's great to start PT early, but it also means you burn thru your visits quicker. Make sure you know your insurance benefits, and if there's a limit on your visits. I've had patients that the doc wanted started early, 3-5x/week, only to find out they have a "hard stop" (absolutely no exceptions per the insurance carrier) of 15 or 20 visits. Good luck and keep us posted.
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