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AustinPT, thanks for those reminders! My PT and I had a long chat today about overdoing anything. She asks detailed questions about my activity level to ensure I'm not being a dumbaass.

Luckily, I scheduled the surgery with several weeks left in December and BCBS allows for 75 PT visits annually on the calendar year. I look at it as having a few extra visits in 2016.

I go back to the doc on 1/18 and hope to start the strengthening portion after that visit. It sounds like my doc has a very step by step process that he generates for PT to follow. Mine advised it's a bit more regimented than some docs, not much room for deviation.

Although the current PT program is boring, it's somewhat amazing to recognize the almost daily progress. I'm keeping daily notes on changes in ROM, pain, strength etc. I started it out of boredom, and realized after the first week it was a great resource to keep motivated and grounded. First day- move your arm in the sling 2-3 inches in a circle. Today 36 days post op, I raised my arm up unassisted with decreased pain. Small progress in some ways, but the mental relief was huge. Good stuff.
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