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While there are certainly "better" deer hunting rounds, I have to point out that .300 supersonic having roughly 125gr@2300fps or so is the ballistic equivalent of .30-30. (not to mention the Russian M43 round) Packaged in a Winchester '94, I think we can agree the combination has accounted for a LOT of deer.

I know a former Marine with multiple tours, now a SWAT team commander who hunts with .300 and you cannot get him to stop singing it's praises. He has seen many times what the right bullet in this load does when it hits.

Of course shot placement is everything. Another acquaintance who lives ITMOFN fills his freezer regularly with 9mm and 10mm both when they come to munch on leftovers in his wife's garden. They never seem to learn....or maybe it's that they never get a chance to warn their buddies....

And as Sharky says, M4 = Lego. Make sure not to skimp on tools specific to M4 assembly work, upper receiver block, barrel nut wrench, torque wrench, head space gauges etc.. It will go so much easier than trying to cobble stuff without it. Be a pro, not a "d'oh!" Even if you only ever build the one gun it's worth it.
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