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I've made an Oakley change in the past few years. For 10+ years I had a pair of M-frames that survived 2 deployments (granted nothing really stressful). I decided to go different back in 2011 or so and grabbed a pair of flak jackets. I blew those up and went through three pairs in 3-4 years.

Then I found a cheap pair of straight jackets that I freaking' loved and bought in the spring of 2016.. I was at the beach with the family last week and a stray wave hit me from behind, knocking my beloved glasses onto the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, never to be seen again. I arise from the water cursing and pissing vinegar and watching my wife and daughter laugh at Daddy's stupidity.

So I went to the aforementioned Oakley SI and picked up a pair of Gascans for about $70 shipped. I've had them for two days and needless to say the verdict is still out on them. I'm hoping I can get some mileage out of these.
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