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Originally Posted by Believeraz View Post

Unfortunately, State Patrol agencies (as opposed to State Police agencies) are pretty tough on retention and breed complacency. My State Patrol agency in my home state is underpaid, traffic-only, and has super-limited auxiliary assignments "SWAT" (giggle), Traffic Homicide, Auto Theft, DL Fraud, and one slot per region on task forces like JTTF, DEA, and ICE (those guys never leave).

Changing agencies, if you can do so within your retirement/benefits program, may be beneficial to you long term. SBI, for example, in your state might be a decent move for job satisfaction. You can always go fed if you meet their requirements and are down with a mobility agreement.

You hit the nail on the head. You’re absolutely right on your assessment. Everyone I know that retires from here does so bitter and burnt out. There’s a myriad of reasons but you touched on many. I don’t want to be that guy. I’m currently in the fed process, so we will see.
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