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Originally Posted by GDITheman View Post
I bought all the parts to do a custom build 20 months ago using an Iron Ridge Arms lower, a KAC URX rail and other quality parts. Sourcing quality parts that worked well was a hassle. There was a bit of trial and error.

At the same time, I also bought an LMT. As I look at the two, the LMT is the no brainer. My custom build is top notch, but I wasted a lot of time and money to get close to a production LMT.

I just bought some Lancer 308 mags and have not tried them yet. We were the first Lancer distributor back in 2007 or 2008. I always like their mags. I have been out of the business for a while, but wanted to T&E the new 308 mags. Has anyone used these?
Yeah, I received a few of the Lancers to T&E from an LGS a little while back. They work well enough that I would continue to use them regularly and would pack them for a trip into harm's way without hesitation. They are listed at a fairly high MSRP but when compared to the HK offerings that are very similar, the Lancers seem like a bargain.

One thing I like about the PMAGs over others, and I'm far from a Magpul fanboy for reference sake, is the easily removed base plate. When putting a mag through the ringer, the first thing to cause failure is the collection of dirt in between the rounds creating a slow or stop in the feeding. Even if you have a near-perfect balance of gas and buffer, having your rounds bind up and not freely move up and out of the mag, it doesn't take much to get the bolt caught on that stuck round. Where this is particularly relevant in a 7.62 gun is the tendency to be used in a precision role. When in the prone or a low kneeling position, you're gonna get more dirt kicking up (every muzzle device is going to make this different) and may be pulling mags and doing mag changes inches off the ground. When I have had the issues with dirty mags, I like how easily I can pull off the base plate of the mag to either field strip and completely reload, or to partially remove the base and relieve tension on the rounds, shaking out the grit.

As an aside, I wanted to briefly address the comment made in my thread about my owning a quality rifle and being in a rough spot for my family. For those interested, my purchase of the LMT was compensated at the time as I was expected to use it, and all of my own firearms that were applicable, as tools for my occupation. There are also vendors and shops who ask me to test products and give feedback. And finally, GPC and the few members who know the entirety of my situation know that my gun safe was part of the assets to be converted to funds upon my....demise. I only address that in the chance anyone else thinks that I am wading through this mess because of some expensive habits, which is far from the truth in this case.
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