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Originally Posted by Cruiserweight View Post
My old boxing coach put it this way, and I have to somewhat agree: boxing is where the big money is at. If UFC fighters had any real talent, they'd be boxers.
While alot of UFC fighters have some talent, all too many have absolute slop boxing ability. Or really any kind of stand up fighting ability. It's painful to watch. Can't throw a straight punch, no rhythm. Dudes would get eaten alive by any local amateur boxer. Why is this? Maybe they focus too much on Ju jitsu instead of their stand up game, maybe they have a coach who really doesn't know that much about boxing. There are likely a number of reasons. It's just embarrassing to watch sometimes.
This is the textbook attitude that arrogant boxers take. The comment "If UFC fighters had any real talent, they'd be boxers." is so insanely immature, dogmatic, and ignorant, that I am almost shocked that it was written.

If "UFC fighters" only focused on working on boxing; then they'd be "boxers". Fighters who train all ranges of unarmed fighting, are arguably very talented if they stick with it. If you make the mistake of believing that training a single skill set is superior to training all ranges, ya better open your eyes.

Put an MMA fighter in a ring, playing by the limited rules of Boxing; ie, only being able to bang with punches, the boxer win's because of the limited rules. Remove the rules, allow all ranges of fighting, then put a boxer in a cage; the most boxers don't last a minute. Couture and Tony fight is a good example of that.

The embarrassing thing is believing that possessing only a single skillset is somehow superior.
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