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Originally Posted by chokeu2 View Post
Ah!!! Gotcha! You're right, I did miss that point. I stand corrected. And sadly, no leg to stand on to respectfully disagree. MMA fighters are paid disgracefully low compared to big ticket boxers. UFC PPV does well, but the sport itself isn't big enough to compete with boxing. Hopefully that changes, but I am not sure that it will anytime soon.
Yeah not trying to be a dick or anything, sorry if I came across that way. Once they fix the pay issue in the UFC it will attract a flood of talent and guys will actually be able to train and fight for a living, unlike right now where only a few are able to fight full time without some side job to support themselves. The quality and skill of the fighters will go way up once a certain someone stops being so greedy and lets guys get paid what they deserve. I agree with you in that an MMA fighter is more technically skilled at actual fighting, as it takes alot to master striking, grappling, and everything in between.

I absolutely agree with this, but I dont really understand how it happens that way. I dont know ANYONE who pays for boxing matches, or even goes to watch them. I never see them shown on TV when I go to any bars or restaurants that show sports. However, if there is a UFC fight on that I wasnt expecting, I turn around and leave the bar/restaurant because I will never get a table, and usually if I want to watch it, at least one person that I know will have it on PPV if I dont.
Depends on where you're at in the country, down south the Hispanic market is huge on boxing and will pack bars and restaurants every time certain boxers are fighting. Also boxing big in Mexico and Europe, even Japan.
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