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Homeland Security Investigations Technical Enforcement Officer

SB Approved

Federal GS job doing electronic surveillance work (trackers, concealments, bodywires, etc).

It's posted as a GS 12/13, so (unfortunately) not an entry level posting. You'll need at least some directly related experience to make the qualified list.

USAJOBS posting closes 8/20/19

Calexico, CA
Fresno, CA
San Diego, CA
New Haven, CT
Honolulu, HI
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Saint Paul, MN

This is a sworn LE position with 6C retirement (law enforcement) coverage so the usual 37 age limit unless you've got previous federal LE time or are a preference eligible veteran.

Non competitive promotion to GS13.

Administratively Uncontrolled Overtime (AUO) typically at 25%.

I have nothing to do with the hiring process, but If you have questions I can answer without violating OPSEC, shoot me a PM.

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