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Just a quick note about the difference between DoD and DoS clearances. DoD utilizes JPAS and the link does a good job of breaking down how that works. DoS has their own process in place and a company FSO doesn't have access to their systems. I've worked as an FSO for the past 10 years on both DoD and DoS contracts. As an FSO supporting a DoS contract I had zero visibility on our personnel's clearances, other than receiving notices directly from the DoS security office. My experience working with DoS is now about 5 years out of date, but from what I remember we faced a lot of issues with continuity of clearances when individuals moved from one DoS contract to another. Often DoS would require that the contractor submit a brand new e-QIP and would then redo the entire investigation. Seemed like a lot of wasted tax dollars. Anyways, the only way a company can 'revoke' a clearance is if they send a note to cancel an open investigation, which would remove any interim determination. Whether or not DoS will retain an individual's eligibility after access is removed is, unfortunately, completely under their control.
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