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Originally Posted by Headhunter1965 View Post
After seeing some of this fight I was thinking I'd like to see someone with the killer instincts of Hagler or Hearns on the boxer side of this match.
It's the unanswerable question, I think either one of them would have given Mayweather the kind of fight he never had in his career. I also think he would have stood a better chance as his younger, more aggressive self.

My biggest problem with Floyd Mayweather is that he cherry picked many of his opponents, or waited until a point in both their careers so that he would have had an advantage. Back in the great days of those fights involving Hagler/Hearns/Leonard/Duran, it seemed you could barely go 6-8 months before one of them would be fighting another. Hearns won 6 titles in 5 different weight classes during his career, which is no small feat.

All those guys could box, and they definitely had the kind of consistent punching power that would have opened up Mayweather's eyes, at least right up until the point that he went down and his eyes shut.
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