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Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
FYI - Comcast will subsidize bringing Cable to you. Now, it depends on how far away the last cable customer is with regards to how much it will cost you. I had to have them run an overhead line about a 1/4 mile, and underground bore from the pole to my yard (about 100 feet) to install the "Tap" (tall square green box - usually for a whole neighborhood - you get your own ). Cost me about $1500 and Comcast absorbed about $2K. If you have neighbors, everyone can chip in. I'd call them to see what it will cost at least.
Several neighbors looked into this years ago, but because the nearest cable line (at the time) as 3-4 miles away, Comcast wanted my neighborhood to pay them like $30,000 to run the lines. It worked out to almost $2,000 per household, and that's if everyone paid. When we asked Comcast about that (non-payers), they said once the line was run, they would hook up the remaining neighbors at no extra cost. So of course no one, including me, was interested. Several years later, they are now running cable in our neighborhood; I expect we'll have cable by the summer based on how slow they're installing the equipment.
Originally Posted by Sharky View Post
Of course, I knew this when I bought the land and built a house there, so I can't bitch too much. The one downside to the rule that the smallest plot of land can't be under ten acres is that there aren't nearly as many potential customers. But, it's worth it to have some peace and quiet.
We're zoned AG2, so except for the one stable and two farms grandfathered in, all of our lots are between 3-5 acres. Nice & quiet, but the cable & fiber companies had little immediate interest in wiring us into the grid.
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