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Originally Posted by jtm View Post
This course itself does not certify the student as an EMT. What it does is prepare and authorize the student to take the EMT certification test for NREMT. The testing is through a 3rd party called Pearson Vue. ( They are located in all 50 states (in most major metropolitan areas). Once the EMT course is successfully completed, your name is provided to Pearson Vue and you'll be allowed to take your certification test approximately 2-3 weeks after successfully completing the course.

If you are seeking a state certification, please check with your State Health District to determine if they have reciprocity with NREMT. If they do, you're good to go. If they do not, you'll have to get direction on what the roadmap is for state EMT certification in your area.
Is this a course covering EMT-Basic or is it covering EMT-85/Intermediate?
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