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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
I know several good locations in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia where one can chill, relax, live a 4-5 star style life, for under $1,000 month. An option for those considering this type of contract. Do the contract, then fly over to one of these locations, (PM me if interested), and chill out next to a pool, for a month, before heading back to the USA. As I have advised many, weigh what you will spend on a month or two long vacation overseas, versus what you will pay in taxes if come back to the USA early.
Lol, I just suggested this exact thing in another thread. Its a great idea for those with a month or 2 to burn or for the single guys.

I've been back to the states only to pass through CRC since 2011.

a good idea to burn some time before going back to the States and to save your tax money, try going to a Muay Thai gym in Thailand. They're all over. Spend 1-1.5k a month, learn something, get in fit shape, travel a bit.

Hell, meet a sweet local girl and take her with you to relax on one of the small islands like Koh Lanta, Koh Samet, Koh Chang.

Payrates for static contracts might be really low these days, but still totally worth it if you know what you're doing with your finances and have a backpacker's spirit.
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