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Originally Posted by O_Pos View Post
Ah. Gotchya. Fair enough.

From everything else I've read, I think that one comment may be erroneous - especially consider the fact that it's a reporter saying it. I haven't seen anything else about "smuggling" weapons in.

Heck, even in the same story you posted, it states "insurgents were dressed in military uniform and were equipped with light and heavy weaponry...They breached the first gate and then entered an old school building, trading fire with security forces." Far from smuggling.

I don't mean to be coming off as oppositional here but I spent quite a bit of time in that AO and worked allot with ANA/ANP/ABP. They are not all shitbags and Taliban sympathizers, and I get tired of hearing it. From what else I've seen, it sounds like they fought their asses off. The "first" gates at KAF are far from the actual airport itself, and in the end, the attack was repelled - no insurgents made it to the airfield, and they were all killed. Far from a "huge security failure" IMO.
Exactly. Taliban is going to do their thing, and the security forces did their job. Too bad many of them died doing it, but it could have been another camp bastion event and much worse. More civilians on this airfield
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