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Originally Posted by RetreatHell03xx View Post
For clarification purposes, I work for a contractor to a gov't agency (name not included for obvious reasons.) It is not a fancy job that is very selective or anything to which you guys might deem to be a job not to walk away from. It is quite boring actually with an even more boring title, decent but not great pay/benefits. This is another reason I have been thinking about accepting the Aegis gig.
Ok. Now this all makes sense. Probably should have started with this description. Thanks for clarifying.

In that case, go for it. Just know that with the Senior Guard position, 99.9% of the time you will most likely be equally bored/dissatisfied - but at least you'll be getting paid more to do it, and the time you put in at the SG position will count towards deployment time and possibly help you move over to WPS in the future.

Just be aware that your day to day life will be: Mancamp to Embassy Kabul, then supervise a bunch of TCN guards all day, then Embassy Kabul to Mancamp.

Also balance the pros/cons of leaving your current company and throwing-away an active TS/SCI.
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