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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
Look dude - I'm not going to get into a battle of word gymnastics with you. The bottom line is your initial posts were very ambiguous and misleading. Then your attempts to clarify only added to your woes. You threw around phrases like "three letter agency" "the sandbox" "TS/SCI" etc. This led to the scrutiny you received. Whether I think your terminology is "sufficient" or not is not important to me - and shouldn't be to you. What should be important to you is the fact that a few of the guys that would be training you have read every word you have posted here.

Again - I have worked in some capacity for the majority of the major WPS programs that have existed in the last 10 years or so. Maybe you were "recruited" or "contacted by" an Aegis recruiter. Smaller lesser known companies will do this - especially when trying to get resumes for a contract bid, or if it's a small contract providing protection for NGO's, Corps Of Engineers, construction projects, etc. But I still stand by my statement that Aegis doing it would be a rarity and rather unusual. I have worked for their training provider and know that they have never had a problem getting applications, and most always have guys sitting on the bench waiting to deploy.

If Aegis reached out to you - good for you. Not real important, but I would be interested to know how the "found" you in order to reach out to you. It may be that in the last few years they have made efforts to scan millions of social media outlets to find guys that may fit the bill. Seems to me this would take a lot of man hours.

If you choose to go this route best of luck to you and I sincerely hope it ends up being what you are hoping it is.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
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