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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
If Aegis reached out to you - good for you. Not real important, but I would be interested to know how the "found" you in order to reach out to you. It may be that in the last few years they have made efforts to scan millions of social media outlets to find guys that may fit the bill. Seems to me this would take a lot of man hours.

If you choose to go this route best of luck to you and I sincerely hope it ends up being what you are hoping it is.
To be fair, I was initially contacted by an aegis recruiter for PSS. I had applied to the armed guard gig in KAF and about 3 months after being there I received an email:

"After reviewing your qualifications you may be eligible for the Aegis WPS Program. You will receive an email from [deleted] within 24 hours to initiate the WPS BIO process; he will be your main POC.

Please note, in order to be considered for WPS you will have to fulfill your current obligations to the Kandahar Program."

Which I did, and here I am now. It does happen
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