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Originally Posted by Local View Post
Still wish you'd write a book.. (funds to support more fighters?)

One of the most interesting threads here.

How often do you run into Western guys? Is it strange after so long with locals?
Don't run into any westerners.
It's not strange at all with locals, I speak sorani, kurmann, bedhani (all three are kurdish), arabic and farsi. In the border there are no westerners. Internet sucks due to sim card changes, but that is about it.

As far as a book, I don't think I'll ever write one. We get enough support through other means. To the avg person it wouldn't be interesting and it would take time out of what I am doing to write. I do time to time throw info(mainly about afgh areas) to mid east analysts, but its largely ignored (like Daesh growing in afgh).
At this point its more of I'm going to do what I do and keep on keeping on regardless of the international community and US gov as they are 99% ignorant to what's happening on the ground here in the mideast. A book can't fix political stupidity much of which the west has been full of for awhile.
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