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PJAK-now known as Kodar/Kojar and the communist wing of Komala(Ibrahim illexazedeh) formed a alliance and are re-initiating armed struggle against Iran.

Current groups in 2017 to declare open warfare in iran-
Jaish Al Udl (baloch group ties to original jundallah-extremist Sunni group now allied with blf/bla/bra in afgh/pak border-pro AQ against Iran not against afgh-not anti US)
Sazmani Xebat (Kurdish Iranian Islamic group-changing to "democratic")
Komala-Mohtadi (Social demo-holds plans for Iran cell network & ayatollah vacation home coordinates)
Komala-Omar illexazanedeh (Social demo)
Komalah-Ibrahim illexazanedeh (communist)
Kodar/Kojar (PJAK/KCK)(Federalism/communist)
PDKI (Hijri)(social demo/extreme militant-IED/EFP,Infrastructure bombings, assassinations etc-has info on Iran bunkers with chem munitions)
PDKI (mowludi)(social demo-political non militant)
PAK(extreme nationalist-tied up in Bashur-equipped with US weaponry-AT4,TOW,81,120MM,M16/M4,heavily armed, trained and westernized due to weaponization at bashiq & Kirkuk from coalition-currently kept in check by KDP-Iraq. Will be issue if let loose in iran will be interesting what U.S. says when American weapons are used to hit Iranian forces)
Ansar Al Islam kurdi (Halabja branch-Kurdish AQ)(small Sunni extremist group)
HAI (baloch-Sunni extremist-allied to jaish al udl-pro AQ/Tali)

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