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CV, thanks a ton, very much appreciated and noted.

Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
The 3 VPN providers that always rise to the top from actual customers, are: Mullvad, Air, and Boleh.
Not that Poly needs any feedback at all from me but for you other guys who are just now looking in to VPNs, I got the same research results: Mullvad, Air, and Boleh.

Originally Posted by Polypro
Are there others? Probably. Read the terms of service as far as logging, and look at where the HQ is located as far as internet privacy laws go, and what it would require from a court, to roll over..
Interesting detail regarding Mullvad: they are based in Sweden whose laws require logging by all ISPs. But Mullvad is strictly a VPN resource and is not subject to their domestic logging requirements. Of course, you gotta trust somebody but this arrangement is a plus.
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