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Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
Haven't used this yet, but something to check out. Based on the Bitcoin style network, Bitmessage:

Downloads up 10x since June

cloned yesterday, been fiddling with off and on since; a few things:
1 - PyBitmessage doesnt work with python-3, at least, master.git doesn't.
2 - requires a port forward for normal usage, OR, it does support Tor
3 - watching the exchanges flying across your terminal is very, very entertaining

The echo test did not appear to work. I'm going to leave it running for a bit unless it starts leaking memory, if anyone else is playing with this and wants to do a test message, BM-2D8wKcn8JMjZTujkmuPeY4wHtopDAMLXP3

Obviously, one wouldn't necessarily share this publicly if it were meaningful. But, well, entropy is cheap, and the above can be discarded at will.

Not sure if I have to do the port forward to get it to work or not (or, I guess I could route it through Tor, but that's just one more thing to go wrong).

The rates/stats for anyone interest, for roughly ~20 minutes runtime

CPU-wise it's using 70-100% of one core, on a quad core, ETAwhen doing any cryptographic work, it's nice and quiet at the mo, but it seems to play nicely when I run another CPU-intensive task, so no worries there.

(hope that's useful to any interested folks - this thing is still way in its infancy, and hasn't really been vetted or audited, but it's a neat concept I'd sorta been wondering when would show up)

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