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Plans for taking over the world, sent.

My addy: BM-GtXfTfbCRKnEi6aSVcWh7sgeNpK8mHDe

You don't need to forward any ports. That is only if you want to help the network (you will see a green traffic signal). It will work fine with a yellow traffic signal.

Starting up Tor Browser Bundle and pointing it to that, allows operation through Tor if you want.

All messages expire after 2 days, so you need to check at least that often. I may need to transfer this to one of my always on servers. The "USB" option allows you to take this from machine to machine - it just runs out of a folder by double clicking the .exe (Windows), which makes running it out of a TrueCrypt container, easy.

The Windows version worked without a hitch. Hopefully a security audit comes out rosey.

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