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@Hot Mess;

My lack of clarity, sorry. That was supposed to be separate statements:

1) I'm training for SFRE.

2) Concurrently and not directly related, I'm also awaiting the SWC stamp for my physical.

I did get specific guidance that SFRE required a SF physical; my research does not indicate that this is true. My research has shown that the SF physical is required for SFAS.

I figured, worst case, SFRE physical-requirement turns out to be wrong -- but then I'm a step ahead for a SFAS shot.

Unless I rope the whole corral of goats, I'll have a 4-year degree in another semester. Good to know it might also help with SFRE. My finances will support a PCS move to Bragg without hardship.

Thanks for bringing up additional things for me to add to my planning cycle -- this thread continues to be quite helpful.
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