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Hello all,

I'm currently in CA ARNG and have decided to try out for SF... I just got the conditional release to go AD but I just found out I might not be able to get an 18X contract because of my PRK vision surgery (no medical waiver allowed for 18X/Airborne). Then I found out about NG SF and after learning more about it, I thought it would be a great place to be.

I have a few questions regarding the NG SF, specifically, A/5/19.

1) How does the pipeline look like from SFRE to SOPC/SFAS to Q? (ex. SFRE to SOPC(?) = 1 month, SOPC to SFAS = 1 month, etc...) I just wanted to know this so I can prepare financially as I have a wife and a baby.

2) I've been training and was wondering when the next SFRE will be for CA... I've been following the A/5/19 website closely but haven't seen the next update yet.. Is it safe to say that the next one will be in March?

I apologize if these have been answered already, I couldn't find the answers anywhere..

I appreciate your help in advance. Thank you.
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