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Originally Posted by seankm View Post
Hello all,

I'm currently in CA ARNG and have decided to try out for SF... I just got the conditional release to go AD but I just found out I might not be able to get an 18X contract because of my PRK vision surgery (no medical waiver allowed for 18X/Airborne). Then I found out about NG SF and after learning more about it, I thought it would be a great place to be.

I have a few questions regarding the NG SF, specifically, A/5/19.

1) How does the pipeline look like from SFRE to SOPC/SFAS to Q? (ex. SFRE to SOPC(?) = 1 month, SOPC to SFAS = 1 month, etc...) I just wanted to know this so I can prepare financially as I have a wife and a baby.

2) I've been training and was wondering when the next SFRE will be for CA... I've been following the A/5/19 website closely but haven't seen the next update yet.. Is it safe to say that the next one will be in March?

I apologize if these have been answered already, I couldn't find the answers anywhere..

I appreciate your help in advance. Thank you.
First question, what makes you think that if AD won't give you a waiver to go SF that A/5/19 can/will get you one? You still have to get a physical to go to ABN School and SFAS. Maybe you know something I don't or have some sweet mojo.

As for getting to, and finishing the Q, it's different for everyone. It depends on your admin, your availability to attend each, and most likely what the ionosphere is doing that month. I went to SFAS quickly and then it took me a year to get to the Q.

Right now there is a 90 day lead time just to get guys to SFAS. So, in a perfect world, you do the SFRE and are selected. It takes about 2 mos to enlist in the Guard, or in your case transfer, if your current unit will allow it. Then you need to get a physical. Depending on your time available, if the leg doc does draws all the right labs and actually does the physical correctly, and then gets checked off at BN or GRP, that could be 2 mos right there. Plus 90 days from that, so if you're lucky 6 mos for a SFAS class date?

As far as getting to the Q after SFAS I don't have an answer, but last I heard it was 30 days. However, don't go buy that green beret just yet. Do you own a house? Do you have a family? Do you have a real job? The Q is now a PCS move. Can you afford to attend the Q is a question I'd be asking people. I don't know if it is E-5 and below or E-6 and below will stay in the barracks at Bragg. I am not sure if you get BAH for HOR or not, I believe a friend is. That is something that the company admin guys can answer or aj4tj can answer.

IMO right now attending the Q works for younger guys with no attachments, police, and firefighters. Not for guys that have a wife and baby.

As for the next SFRE I have no idea. It depends on the need of the Company really. I belong to the company but have attached somewhere else for a while. My advice would be to continue to watch the website or PM aj4tj, if he is in a good mood he may help you out, if he knows.
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