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JTM Training Group

This topic has been previously discussed, but not in several years.

I was hoping to find out if anyone had experience with JTM Training Group, specifically their online EMT-B program. I've also read in other threads, discouraging people from taking online EMT courses as you won't get the same experience.

I took an EMT course in 2001 (refresher is not an option). Of course that was a really long time ago and a lot has changed in emergency medicine since then. However, I've remained current in that I'm currently deployed and over the last 8 years have received a decent amount of mostly trauma-based EMS training based on TCCC to include a live tissue lab (pig).

I'm hoping my existing experience will make up for not having as much classroom/clinical training. A portion of their training is in ****, which is my home of record and it seems feasible I could coincide leave with that training.

To summarize, I'm hoping to hear if anyone has experience with JTM Training Group or have opinions on online EMT-B training in light of my existing medical training.
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