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Originally Posted by MakoZeroSix View Post
1- "Desperate Housewives" hasn't been a thing for like a decade, man.

2- Nobody (except you and Alex Jones) wants to go through life (which is often difficult enough for a society where most are worked like dogs for low pay) in a state of constant rage about a wide range of issues over which they have no control. They don't want it constantly in their goddamned "Mind's Eye". They want to spend those fleeting moments with their kids or knocking back a few with friends or something.
2 . Keep the populace happy with "bread and circuses" and most will not even realize the incremental or drastic changes going on cultural wise until it is too late. Just keep them enslaved to the privileged elite.

Complacency kills. Good thing we had a group of men over 200 years ago who got enranged and did not just rant about it, or just go with the flow, but took action. But most Americans these days have the "meh" attitude as have their fast food and cable TV shows to keep them happy.
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