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It's nothing "new" per se. A good example is that I've been slacking on training for way too long, but I will still do considerably more push-ups / pull ups etc. than the average Joe off the street - while for example my max. bench press will not be too different from his.

The reason is that there is way more to strength than the "isolated" strength of the muscles used for any particular exercise. Doing a push-up efficiently, not only on the macro level (as in executing them efficiently for your specific body type), but also on the physiological and neurological level is indeed a learned skill. The way your body deals with the exertion on the physiological level and the way your nervous system learns to have the muscles work together efficiently... I don't think you truly unlearn it.

One of the reasons that free weights and more complex motions will be more beneficial in most cases than "unnatural" motions that go straight from point A to point B. The body will still learn on the above mentioned level, but it will not be well translated to more real-life applications.

I hope I made sense.
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