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Originally Posted by gavin View Post
Many Democrat insiders exist completely in an echo chamber, and assume that everyone hates the sitting president as much as they do. They are assuming any Democrat will defeat DJT, and so all sorts of nobodies are throwing their hats in the ring. They are squabbling amongst themselves, and doing the opposition's research for free..
I agree. The D candidates are trying to separate themselves from which can have the most outlandish idea that is 180 deg out from POTUS.

Originally Posted by gavin View Post
The Republicans made the same mistake leading up to 2012.
The Republicans put up Mitt Romney. It wasn't necessarily a bad choice. Better than McCain in 2008. At least Romney made a decent challenge during the first debate. But then he faltered on the second and third debates out of fear of not being PC enough. It was sad to watch the uncomfortable grimace on his face during the last two debates. I found myself screaming the answers to the moderators questions at the television, in a weak attempt to help the guy out.
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