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Originally Posted by nofear View Post
I think the trap is thinking that "unspeakable" violence is a new thing. It isn't. It's been around for millennia.

It's been around a hell of a lot longer than firearms have existed. The media though...hasn't.

IMHO, the media have a lot more responsibility for these activities than any other aspect of life, (with maybe the sole exception being inappropriate medication).
Of course the media shares part of the blame- I don't mean to imply that it's JUST video games that are the problem. It's everything, from the loss of culture, society degrading, loss of parents, loss of social structure and support, improper psychotherapy ala meds, the list just goes on and on. Video games (and movies, and TV and comics and every type of sensory stimulation) just help to desensitize and normalize.

The thought to do this may have always been around, but the thought to actually act on it wasn't. Guns have always been around and easy to get- maybe not something with a capacity of what's being used but enough. And easier in many ways to buy in the past. So what has changed? Everything, to the point that these thoughts are now acted on.

And the age bracket that is responsible is on the low end of the spectrum. When I was growing up there was Columbine, the geek who shot up the prayer group and maybe one other. I saw a stat yesterday that said since 2006 there have been eleven episodes of teens to early 20's pulling this crap. 11. Why? It sure as shit ain't guns that are making this happen.
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