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When society is geared toward placing value, not in actual values, but in the number of "likes" and "followers" (fame/notoriety), and you know that you don't have what it takes to get either of do something big, something shocking...

Think about it. The youngest Jenner kid is the world's youngest self-made billionaire because her older sister made a sex tape with a rapper and her dad thinks he's a woman. She's not a chemist who invented makeup. She just puts her name on the makeup, and because she has 300,000,000+ "followers" on Instagram...presto, billionaire (with a "b"). You could cure cancer and our fucked up society wouldn't find you as valuable as that little twat.

None of these kids have anything to offer that matches what society deems valuable. The only way for them to "be somebody" is to do something like this.
Twitter/social media isn't real life.
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