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Originally Posted by bullet65 View Post
when going to a C&P exam think about what you are going to say. I work with the public in customer service so when someone ask me "how are you today". My programed answer is good and you. Do not lie to them but remember every word you say will be notated. I learned this after I read the notes on my 1st exam. second thing I did on my follow up is to stop taking any prescribed or over the counter pain meds 5 days before I went. this way you can tell them how it hurts.
have a written note of how this affects your job as it will be last observation on this is everyone is affected by pain differently. what might be a 5 to veterans might be a 9 to every one else. We are taught to overcome.
What get me is they will ask what is your pain level today/right now. That what I was asked yesterday when I had an appointment. Yes in my crazy remarks I stated what part of my body do you mean.
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