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Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
It would be tax free if you don't intend on coming home. Other than that, I'm with everyone else here commenting that this isn't a good deal whatsoever. But mileage obviously varies.
Whether it is because the IRS can't read their own Tax Code or because they are so desperate to bring revenues up can be debated, but some who are claiming the 330/35 benefit are being audited and it's my understanding (from my CPA) that the IRS is trying to apply the standards for claiming foreign residence exemption to the 330/35 foreign income exclusion, ie. you were out of the country for 330+ but you own a house in the US, don't pay taxes in the county you work in etc., so the expected tax benefit may not be there depending on who looks at your return. In other words they are trying to to say that even if you were gone for 330 days or more, you don't qualify based on that and their excuse as to why not is the standards for meeting the foreign residence method of claiming that exemption. Complete BS as anyone who reads the regs can see, but......

Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
Or, I don't know, in downtown America somewhere. Where you can go home and sleep in your own bed. Yeah, you have to pay rent when you're home but that still beats being in Arifjan or at Dwyer.
Yup. As noted earlier, if you can arrange to be a security company's "go to guy" for filling in empty shifts/call offs, you will make more at home. No O/T rate at all for hrs over 8 on some gigs, Kuwait law sets it at time and a quarter after 48 hr/week.

Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
Yeah, it's a slam dunk alright. When everything in your life and their life is about the absolute bottom line and the bottom line is $13/hr OCONUS then I'm sure you're just going to get some Allstar MVP quality guys too.
Two words, "turnover rate".

A lot of those who get there, especially if they are on their first contract are going to wake up after a month or two and say "Fuck this".

On the DoD contract I was on, the company got all of the money for that employee's contract after 90 days. If that person quits, they now get to recruit someone else, it is to their financial benefit for people to leave early. CSA/Kuwait (KBOSSS before it was KBOSSS, and before TC got it) actively churned their workforce, and benefited greatly by so doing, perhaps 50% of those who showed up last 6 months. If you lasted the whole year, by month 10 there would only be a few people you knew from when you started at a guard mount of 90-100 people.
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