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Originally Posted by Johan View Post
Some months ago I lose many picture in failure of hard drive- to include pictures of Memorial in Cupertino, CA.

It is very easy for me to take them again, if there is still interest.

I will post them to album on SOCNET- with preemptive apology for my photography skills with hand-held camera.

The entire Memorial is of excellent design- the statue especially- the 2 SEAL, back-to-back. I have similar thought and emotion of Wingman for Fighter Pilot- 1 good Man with you in the fight and victory is always within reach.

Also, there are constantly many children playing in the area- the Memorial is adjacent and attach to large park area. But I have never seen the Memorial or statue disrespected, even by possibly un-aware children. I think the design and statue aid in this.

It is a good place.

I salute the 19 who are now in the Great Hall.


Johan, I found this site which has pictures of what appear to be the memorial you speak of. I would love to see any pictures you might take, but in the mean time there are a few on here for anyone who has not seen the memorial at all.
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