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Originally Posted by MakoZeroSix View Post
Holy shit with the suits already. Have you guys never heard of Joseph A. Banks? Get good suits for way less than other places.
They don't have horrible suits, but they need a tailor after you purchase it to fit it, and you'll spend the money you could have spent on a better suit getting it done.

The best suit in the world makes you look like Sad Sack if you don't have it tailored to fit you.

If you wear a suit off the rack that was made to generally fit everyone within a certain size and shape you are a nug. It's a suit, not a t-shirt.

90% of the guys I see wear suits like the dude on the left, esp dudes just out of the military looking for their first civilian gig:

And if you wear a suit with pleated pants that are cuffed at the bottom and tasseled loafers I may have to just beat you up.

Dress like you care about yourself, please, because people do notice.
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