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Originally Posted by litepath View Post
1000MAH =1 Amp. My Nitecore is a 3400MAH, meaning 3.4 amps. more than the Olight @3000MAH. You'd need 15,000 MAH to equal 15 amps.

Battery is sharp, not weak when it flashes/pops.
You're comparing storage capacity vs power draw/output. What Nitecore battery are you using? My NL1835HP only outputs 8A, see:

Unless you have the Nitecore 3100-35A - you need more battery. You're probably tripping your protection circuit.

The battery that the WX comes with, does:

Rated Discharge Current: 15A (Up to 20A)

If your Nitecore doesn't do that, you need to get yourself another map (Tommy Boy Reference, Hahahahahaha!)
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