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Originally Posted by mdwest View Post
... I have seen ALOT of job postings where CPP is preferred or even required to apply.. I have never seen a posting that asked for an undergrad cert or one that suggessted they would consider an undergrad cert in lieu of the CPP...

the undergrad cert would be better than nothing.. but in my opinion there are better ways to invest your time and your money...

if you meet the education/experience requirements to sit for the CPP.. my advice is to go that route rather than the PSP (the study and effort you have put into the PSP will apply to what you need to sit for the CPP.. so nothing is lost..)..
CPP is becoming the standard. Congrats to ASIS to making it so. A CPP friend of mine recommended taking the PSP first as apparently a lot of the questions regard physical security. It gives one the chance to get a feel for the test and program and gives a certification in the process. As mentioned it cant hurt. Different strokes...

Undergrad cert - just get the degree. Would you get two AA's? If you want to impress, have a double major. You may not think it now but it will be worth it in the long run.
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