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Originally Posted by universible View Post
Sorry I wasnt more clear. They are not officially vetting anything, from my understanding. It's more if their own internal background check (run your name, credit, other info through lexis nexus, etc). Unless it's changed, they don't do much else. Obviously I'd be hesitant to give them any info about clearances. I can't see a reason they'd need it.

This based on first hand experience over a number of years, though before the most recent iteration of the school.
Yesterday I was applying online for a RA specialty program related to remote sensing and GIS, they also conduct a complete (pretty detailed) background check, the release also leaves them open to do so anytime while enrolled. Further research indicated many schools are doing this not only for "security/intelligence" related programs but to minimize "potentially problem" students being allowed in their programs. From my brief research yesterday this is more related to the current problem with unstable students (and students with violent BGs) and their actions in the national media, not so much a security issue. A few knuckleheads yada, yada, yad..
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