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Originally Posted by Billy L-bach View Post
Opinions may vary, bit I took some classes through AMU and felt like I wasted my time and money. Unimpressed on quite a few levels.
I agree that opinions definitely vary on any learning institution. There are some core variables that need to be taken into consideration when forming an opinion. For online schools especially, the quality of your classmates and their experiences will influence your opinion of the course as most courses rely heavily on interaction. Different Professors can make the course valuable or not as well. That being said, I'd advise people to form their own opinions and not turn their nose up at any school based on someone else's online review. (not necessarily meaning this site.)
Reviews are like having a bad meal at a restaurant ie If you have a bad meal/experience at a restaurant you will tell everyone you see and it will be at the forefront of your mind when engaging in conversation. If you have a good meal/experience at a restaurant you might tell one or 2 people you see if the topic comes up.

If I look at the entire time I was at AMU, I can say I had a mid-range/positive experience. The school served it's purpose for me.
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