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Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike View Post
It's only less expensive because of artificially inflated costs of lawyer sodomy upon the taxpayer. The judiciary-prison industry cartel. There's ZERO physical reason for a DP trial to cost any more than any other trial.

The shithead serving life is still subject to release by society wrecking shitlibs, who actively work to free criminals IOT create crisis, which they can then exploit. I'm in Illinois, they release this filth all the time, which is a major reason why there's 800 homicides/yr in Chitcago. Your faith that life without parole is truly permanent is ill-founded. Some fucking activist in a black dress rules it's "unconstitutional" and whammo, the shithead is back on the street.

However, I am well aware that our judicial system is full of incompetents, the egomaniacal, the corrupt and the lazy. By reserving the DP for repeat offenders and removing prosecutor discretion, it removes the grandstanding and reduces the chances of executing a truly innocent man to infintesimal %'s. S/F....Ken M
Spot on.
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