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Just so I understand this clearly, certain folks believe that we need a foolproof system so that innocent lives NEVER die as a result of our actions. Hence, the opposition to the death penalty.

How about war? How about the atomic bomb?

How about death from legal use of prescription drugs? How about death as complication of surgery.

What human endeavor is foolproof against human error?

I abhor that innocents get killed, institutionally or not. I also abhor the notion that we, the People, should do nothing. Life without parole is a scapegoat. It puts folks away in obscurity, to be forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind.

(A) Harsh crimes and suspects should get the light of justice probing into every shadow.
(B) Harsh criminals should be suspended for all to see.

The process from (A) to (B) should be like any government function: transparent, swift, and thorough.

I realize what should be is vastly different from what it.

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