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Originally Posted by 8654maine View Post
Just so I understand this clearly, certain folks believe that we need a foolproof system so that innocent lives NEVER die as a result of our actions. Hence, the opposition to the death penalty.
In my opinion there is quite a difference between a DP judgement and all those other items you listed. We are asking 12 jurors and/or a judge to sentence someone to assured death. That system needs to be foolproof and it never will be. So many people in the American justice system do not get the "best" defense because they don't have "OJ Simpson money."

Until we have a system of justice that doesn't rely on people having truckloads of money to properly defend themselves, than to me the DP needs to be take off the table. Way too many rich motherfuckers don't receive the justice they deserve because they were blessed with money and an ability to hire expensive attorney's. This will never stop being a problem, so I do not support the death penalty. Plus it isn't doing shit to stop anything.
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